How to replace a lock cylinder

How to replace a lock cylinder

Everyone knows that lock replacement is needed once a while.
This short article offers a quick explanation on how to replace a lock cylinder.

If you need to replace a lock on a door, follow this short steps carefully:

  1. Pull the old deadbolt out of the door using a simple screwdriver removing the lock's inside panel (Important! Remember how your door lock came apart).

  2. hold both the inside and outside pieces of  your lock face.

  3. Now carefully pull them away from the door.

  4. Unscrew it from the lock mechanism plate (this part is placed on the door's edge.

  5. precisely measure the door hole diameter. (you can also take your old lock to any hardware store to ensure you replace it with a lock on the same size).

  6. Place the new lock mechanism inside the door edge hole.

  7. Drill in the provided screws to attach the plate back to the door edge.

  8. properly align the inside and outside halves of the lock cylinder, than Secure them using the screws provided to the door.

  9. make sure the edge of the door bolt plate is flush mounted with the wood surface . If necessary, slightly enlarged the hole using  a wood chisel.

  10. Test the lock a few times from both the inside and the outside to ensure it has been assembled properly.

how to replace a lock set:

Replacing a lockset is pretty simple .

  1. Remove the lock set nob, releasing the shank button with a regular screwdriver.  

  2. remove the  plate on the knob. Unscrew than remove the latch assembly .

All you need to do next is just reverse the process and reassemble your door lock with your new lock set.