how to rekey a lock

01/11/2013 6:27:56 AM

locks rekeying

Our Residential Locksmith experts have gathered some basic instruction and guidelines on how to change cylinder lock at your home.

  1.  First you need to get a core key witch is allows withdrawing cylinder core from  lock housing. Core keys can un-lock a device without a key. You'll have to unscrew  screws to open a lock that doesn't have a core.

  2. Normally the core key will be in locked position. 

  3. unlock your lock core position & turn the key about 10 degrees to the right.  This will releases the core from its lock housing.

  4. The core will slip out easily. Note that If the key is turned back to the locked position prior to withdrawing, the key only will be removed.

  5. The link is simply removed from it's old core and should be lays next to the old core.

  6. Next you need to Inspect the cores closely for Many times they will look almost identical. You Must verify that the link is still inside the lock. Make sure the link is lined up with the core. You can nudge or adjust the link using  a simple screwdriver.

  7. Remove the core key from old core simply by holding the core no your one hand and tuning the key back to it's locked position with your other hand.

  8. Now you'll have to Insert the core key inside the new core than turn it back to  unlocked position.

  9. The core is about to be slipped into the housing. Bring the core with the key inserted to the lock housing. Align and fully insert into the lock housing. A core that can not be fully inserted indicates that there is misalignment of the link between the lock and core. Adjust it to allow mating between these components and try again.

  10. now Turn the core key back to its locked position. 

  11. Finally withdraw your core key and thane check it's operation.

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