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Like many homes in Canada you probably have a UPVC Door (AKA Composite Door).

However, this locks aren't as safe as you might think.. here are few facts to help you understand the risks involved in keeping your existing UPVC Door lock:

1.Most door companies use these locks simply because they are cheap.

2.most UPVC door entire locking mechanism relies only on its the euro cylinder which holds it all together.

3.many people are led to believe that euro made locks provide good amount of security.

4.It wasn't until recently, that only a handful of locksmiths & criminals learned of these tactics of locks braking used in 90% of doors in Canada. but with the help of the internet, these practices become evermore assessable to anyone that seeks to brake into your home. These tactics include Lock Bumping & Lock snapping.

5.Bump keys, Available at any hardware store, can open most cylinder lock allowing  thieves to get into your home quiet easily.

To Better protect your family and possession against future intrusions, it's necessary that you'll consider high security door lock types such as  high security door locks magnetic mechanism included.

By obtaining these high security door locks, your home security can be improved to allow you the peace of mind you deserve whet at home and when away. Manitoba Locksmith service can offers a wide variety of home security locks .Contact our 24/7 Manitoba Locksmith service call center for a free locksmith estimate Now