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Toronto locksmith service offers fast 24/7 assistance to the greater Athabasca metro area. Our experts have gathered some tips on hoe to change deadbolt lock cylinder or to change deadbolt lock kwiset.

Tips on how to change deadbolt lock :

1.Try to can switch your deadbolt to to have keyed latches on both sides than to have a thumb latch inside . You might want double keys if you have large window on your door,  although  thumb latch may sometimes seem more convenient..

2.You can also try to switch to either passage lock, a push button lock or keyed entry knob.

3.to prevent high frequency change deadbolt lock cylinder, it's recommended to use lubricant on your locks that doesn't rust locks. Graphite lubricant is highly recommended. Use your lubricant inside the lock and in the key hole.

4.Learn how to rekey a lock. Instead of throwing your existing lock. Rekeying them can save you a fortune and prevents unwanted intrusions..

Get Starter Kits to rekey your locks. Is costs as little as $15 to $20 and are usually comprised of a basic tool kit to open the locks and alternative cylinders.

Need to change deadbolt lock kwikset or change deadbolt lock front door ?Athabasca locksmith service Is on alert to respond your call and offer a great professional service in minutes from your call.