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It's a known fact that driver's door gets used more than its twin door on the passenger side. because it gets twice the hassle, your car door lock cylinder needs to be replaced once in a while.

Our experts at Clarenville Locksmith service have gathered some simple instructions and guidelines on how to change car door lock cylinder :

1. First you need to remove the arm rest (and it's speaker unit covers). Than take off the door panel (be careful for sometimes the plastic clips can get broken). take off screws holding the door handle. Using a pair of pliers pop out the plastic clip and  twist to allow the interior door handle to be swinging freely.

2.Now you need to gently disconnect the rod from its lock core that's located inside. Go on to remove two bolts that holds the door handle assembly, while making sure that you mark the position of the rod prior to opening the clip and than remove the door handle assembly.

3.Install your new lock. Slowly move clips from the snap ring allowing it to release  lock core. Put in the new lock core, then move the clip back to the snap ring.  Put  the door handle assembly back, than reconnect the rod. Screw both bolts back and reconnect the rod to its lock core. Slide back the interior door handle in place than replace the plastic clip.

Finally, put the door handle back on then replace the door panel its speaker cover & the arm rest.

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